In Paraguay

SC family

Our family in South Carolina met for lunch before our flight to Paraguay.  God answered so many prayers making it possible to make the journey.  Marla developed a mobility problem ten days before travel.  A Christian Ophthalmologist was able to get her an appointment with an Orthopedic Nurse Practitioner who after x-rays determined an aggressive course of Prednisone so she could travel.


The Lord provided transportation from our arrival gate to the next flight over 50 gates (1 mile) away.  We were reassigned to a window seat for Marla so she could travel more comfortably.


Truck and Camp Apartment

Upon arrival in Paraguay a Pastor friend picked us up and took us to where the 1994 Mitsubishi pickup, we are renting was parked.  We were able to travel immediately to the Bible Institute apartment at Camp Kavaju about one hour away.

The day after we arrived we traveled 90 minutes to Asuncion where Marla saw her family doctor who ordered an MRI.  The results were ready the Monday after Easter.  Marla has two *"herniated" discs and is managing pain with alternating Tylenol and Ibuprophen twice every 24 hours.

*NOTE: since publication another neurosurgeon trained in the USA diagnosed bulging discs with no need for surgery at this time!  We are thankful.  Keep praying that she can follow doctor's orders: no lifting, walking but no running etc.

Tobati Teacher's Day Bethel Baptist Tobati honoring teachers
Almada Abrahan preaching Pastor Abrahan Bethel Baptist Almada

Our hearts have been blessed to be back in the Bethel Baptist Churches in Paraguay. We thank the Lord we have many contacts and depend on Him to the open doors needed to accomplish the task of transferring the camp properties and selling the Guest House, expatriating funds, and eventually dissolving the incorporation, Lord willing.

Almada singing Bethel Baptist Almada
Candia Avelardo leading singing Bethel Baptist Candia
Osvaldo, Suzana, Marla & Paul Osvaldo, Suzana, Marla, Paul in front of our former home

For those of you who have been overseas the following abbreviated list of tasks accomplished in April will just seem normal.  To others, join us in the fun! For reference of the distances travelled:  Almada is 20 minutes north from the camp where we live; Candia 15 minutes south; Tobati is 30 minutes north; Caacupe 30 minutes south; Luque 70 minutes west; Asuncion 90 minutes west.

  • Tuesday April 2, Caacupe exchange funds, update driver’s license at the Municipality, buy printer for the church, sell a cow and calf.  Caacupe activate phones, buy a router/modem for Internet connection.
  • Wednesday 4/3 Pay PO rent 2019 in Asuncion, turn in harp parts to be remade, search for a computer power supply left in the USA, Marla saw her doctor who ordered an MRI, vehicle’s blinkers do not work.
  • Thursday 4/4 In Tobati blinker relay replaced on the pick-up, right collar bone dislocated moving old TV, photocopy documents.
  • Friday 4/5 Turned in exoneration documents at the Caacupe Municipality for camp properties, a physical therapist charged me $5.00 to reset the collar bone in its socket, drove to Asuncion to pay the Guest House water bill and to have the meter replacement, picked up a Dell computer power supply from Celso. Left money to have the Guest House yard cut and trash thrown away ($28.00).
  • Saturday 4/6 Sort files and completed finances.
  • Sunday 4/7 Church in Almada at 7:00 am! Pastor Abrahan (sic) preached and led the Lord’s Table. Tobati at 6:00 pm Pr. Juan preached and led the Lord’s Table.
  • Monday 4/8 To Luque Municipality to pay Guest House taxes and the late garbage fee for 18 months, cleaned out the Guest House conference room, set up an appointment with the paralegal and WOL with the deeds department head for Wednesday.  Date night table games and popcorn.
  • Tuesday 4/9 Visit homes of two ladies to arrange cleaning the Guest House, A/C relay replaced on the pick-up, cook barbeque for Pastor Juan and wife for her birthday.
  • Wednesday 4/10 To Luque to drop off the two ladies to clean the Guest House, to San Lorenzo to get two receipts signed, to the appointment with paralegal, lunch at 3:00 pm, MRI for Marla at 4:00 pm, drop off two receipts at the CPA and pick up the ladies at the Guest House, return to the camp.
  • Thursday 4/11 Drank terere with Pastor Juan, write Field Team quarterly report, answer emails with administrators, Papa Fields (92 yrs old) is now home from the 10 days in the hospital after his fall in Kenya.
  • Friday 4/12 Load ladder and drain rooter, Pastor Juan and Avelardo fixed the roof and cleaned the gutters at the Guest House in Luque, took documents by the bank to see what requirements would be needed for signatory power and to pick up January – March bank statements for the quarterly  financial report to ABWE.
  • Saturday 4/13 Caacupe for photocopies, correspondence and sorting files.
  • Sunday 4/14 Church in Candia 8:30 am Cristhian (sic) preached, 6:00 pm Avelardo preached in Tobati.
  • Monday 4/15 take a wheelbarrow to the Guest House in Luque and the two ladies to clean the conference room, took damp books and files to be recycled (286 pounds received $5.00!), storage room cleaned out. Date night.
  • Tuesday 4/16 Set up meeting with ReMax and truck to haul trash tomorrow, pick up tractor battery for camp, attended soccer game with Pastor Juan in Capiata – our team tied 1-1 (it had been 25 years since going last with our son Ben).
  • Wednesday 4/17 two tire valves replaced on the pick-up, to Luque Guest House trash hauled away and ReMax agent took pictures.
  • Thursday 4/18 Defrost fridge, visit from three brethren, correspondence.
  • Friday 4/19 To Luque Guest house sale of couch, chairs, tables, bookcases. Invited to preach in Palma Loma for their 37th anniversary as a church.
  • Saturday 4/20 Correspondence, Pr. Juan shared burdens, moved a softer mattress to the Guest room at the Training Center where we stay.
  • Sunday 4/21 Easter morning services cancelled due to rain – tried to livestream with no success.  Evening service in Tobati with refreshments served in our honor.
  • Monday 4/22 Reconciled all Field team financial accounts, correspondence, added Internet time to the modem. Date night.
  • Tuesday 4/23 To Asuncion to meet with ReMax but rejected low offer, picked up MRI and met with a neurosurgeon at the Baptist Hospital – Marla has two herniated discs. (later corrected diagnosis is two bulging discs and no surgery for now).
  • Wednesday 4/24 Invited to speak to marrieds group in Asuncion 5/4, prayer meeting in Almada.
  • Thursday 4/25 Camp documents almost ready, published the Guest House for sale on-line.
  • Friday 4/26 Gave away hundreds of messages to Pastor Juan, bank agent said we could come in to fill out forms to give signatory power.  After doing so we were told that it would not be possible without further approval from the legal department of the bank.
  • Saturday 4/27 Rain, study.
  • Sunday 4/28 Almada at 7:00 am, I preached in Tobati 6:00 pm.  Group came into camp today.
  • Monday 4/29 Picked up exoneration of camp taxes today in Caacupe, changed phone plans, accounting for cattle sales – Internet off for the following week due to an error by the company agent. Date night
  • Tuesday 4/30 Paid surveyor for new technical plans for the camp, WOL proposal for camp use – private contract.  Bank has not given signatory approval.
  • Praise the Lord for many opportunities to witness to those we have known over the years and were happy to see us and opened the door to spiritual things.