Papa Fields up-date

Papa, Pastor Godfrey in Niarobi


Marla and I called Papa Fields in Kenya on March 30th since we were to leave for Paraguay the next day.  Just a few hours later he fell at 3:00 am in the bathroom and hit his forehead.  He was examined at the nearby hospital and the doctor recommended that he be transferred to Nairobi that day.


The doctors in the Capital ordered a CT scan and showed a hematoma inside the skull.  After a few days in intensive care he was moved to a regular room.  With physical therapy he become more mobile.  He had two personal caregivers from Karatina who rotated on 12 hours shifts.


Papa at home in Karatina, Kenya


Papa was discharged on April 11th for the difficult 4-hour journey home.  He is recuperating more each day and is mobile with the assistance of a walker.  We are so thankful for those who care for him.

Last week Papa was admitted to the local hospital in Karatina due to dehydration.  He is to be discharged as soon as the infection is under control.

Thank you for your continued prayers as you have opportunity.  We love him dearly and know each of our lives are in our Shepard’s loving hands as we near our Heavenly Home!


Papa had to return to the Jamii hospital across the road from where he lives.  After over ten days of IV to hydrate him, he was allowed to return home on Saturday, May 11, 2019.  Please continue to pray for him.