Our Silva family visited us in Paraguay June '16

on October 19, 2016


Our daughter and our four Silva grandchildren arrived for a 2 week visit ahead of our son-in-love who later came for a visit with his Paraguayan family. What a blessing it was to have them in our home for the first time in 7 years. Gabriel was experiencing Paraguay for the first time. The other three children were too young to remember very much from their first visit. After retrieving them from the airport, we took them to our famous ice cream/hamburger shop at Kilometer 44. 


Right away they were able to visit the two churches where we minister every Sunday. I enjoyed having all four of our grandchildren in my SS class that morning. What a privilege.


Shellie and the kids arrived from hot USA to cold Paraguay. It's always an experience trying to keep warm in homes with no heat besides a fireplace and some space heaters for the bathroom. Though we did use some extra heat in the kitchen.


We started out soon for a trip to take them to the famous Iguazu Falls in Brazil about 5 hours away. On the way we stopped to visit Arnaldo's brother's family. 

Iguazu Falls w Silvas (36)

 A stop at the world renown Itaipu Dam in Paraguay was one of the most important sites to see while in that part of the world. 


The Iguazu Falls in Brazil are a must see for any visitor to Paraguay. So of course they were a must for our grandchildren. 

Iguazu Falls w Silvas (15)

Warning, you get wet when you visit these falls.

Iguazu Falls w Silvas (27)

Fun at the hotel before leaving the next day to return home.

Iguazu Falls w Silvas (34)

Our 2nd Sunday together, we asked our grandchildren to sing a couple of special songs for our congregations.  


And then again that night in the Tobati church. 


We celebrated July 4th with our coworkers down at the training center. 

Iguazu Falls w Silvas (4)
Cerro Kavaju climb (11)

A hike up the small mountain near the camp was a must do.

Paul's b'day presents

Since July 4th is also Paul's birthday. So we just continued with the celebration at the house. What a special birthday for Paul with his grandchildren in our home.


While visiting us, we had some excitement with the birth of "Nutella". 

Kids chipa

We made chipa, mbeyu, looked at pictures of when they were younger....and started thinking that soon we would be saying goodbye once more. 


Thank you Arnaldo and Shellie for taking this trip so that we can have these two weeks with you and our grandchildren. Shellie, we love you so much! It has been wonderful to have you back home with us.


Our grandchildren have grown up in the USA so far from us. Though we have missed out on being around them often, we have thanked God for special moments like this one. Mikeila, Iana, Esteban, and Gabriel, we love you so much! Thank you for wanting to be with us here in our home for these two weeks.


The 2 weeks came too quickly to an end and we were on our way to pick up Arnaldo at the airport.


Arnaldo arrived and prepared to take the family to Encarnacion to spend the next few days with his mother and relatives there. It was a wonderful time for the kids with their grandmother "abuela" there.