Our Wright family visited us at Christmas

on February 1, 2017


How wonderful to have a Christmas celebration with our kids and grandkids here in Paraguay! How many times has that happened since our kids left home so many years ago. Maybe 2 or 3 times? So to celebrate Christ's birth with some of our kids and grandchildren in our home was a dream come true. 


Sharing this little guy, Daniel Paul, with our church people was pure joy!


Loving on our grandchildren....and experiencing our 5 month old Daniel Paul.


We were in Church at 8AM on Christmas morning where Paul preached and I had two of our grandchildren in my SS class. How special that the kids also got to be included in the Christmas program. 


Is there anything more fun at Christmas than to see grandchildren wonder what is in a gift?


The stockings were hung by the chimney with care.....in hopes that....well, you know the story.


Look what Daniel got in his stocking!


Caleb was very happy with his machete!


Grace was given a beautiful new Bible.


A slingshot was what Andrew wanted for Christmas.


Caleb got into the kitchen with his Grandmami to make cookies. How fun is that! Cooking with your 14 year old grandson.


Reading and sleeping on their uncle's waterbed and reading the books he left.


Playing games......


Looking back together....


Cleaning both of our church buildings in Almada and Tobati is part of what we do once a month. Jim and Jenna wanted their kids to see what all we do on the mission field. It's not always just preaching and teaching. Normally mission churches don't have janitors. So we take our turn just like all the other members.


Andrew did his part!


Grace was a big help too!


Jim helped by weed eating for us. Cleaning this month sure went faster with all their help.


We just enjoyed spending time together. Cooking, eating together, working, playing.....just had a great time being together here at Christmas and New Years.


Meals together!


Jim took Grace and Andrew up the mountain....and guess who followed! Shadow our dog.


I'm glad that I didn't see our grandchildren on that ledge along with our dog. I would've been a nervous wreck.


And what is New Years without some fireworks!


A dream come true is what I call this visit at Christmas from our Wright family. To top it off this year of 2016, our son Ben and Sabrina came with Catherine in March. Then Shellie with our four grandchildren came in July for two weeks while waiting for Arnaldo to get off work when he arrived to take them to be with his mother in Encarnacion. And then this Christmas visit at the end of the year. We could never have planned such a wonderful family time with all of our kids and grandkids. But God had it in His plan and blessed our lives in this wonderful way. We are truly blessed!