Paul is coming home

Marla Fields on January 13, 2020

January 2nd Paul left with Dave the director of Open Door, and a seminary student for Myanmar. Many of us remember it as Burma. Their 10 days there have been ones of teaching in the seminary, preaching, and then traveling to another area of the country to minister to national missionaries. They are now waiting several hours in the Yangon airport for the long journey back home. I've been so thankful for the chance to talk to him at least twice a day. While it is 9am my time, it is 8:30 pm their time. Yes, 12 and one half hours difference! I am praying for them to get some rest on their 5 hour trip to Korea, then the 14.5 hour trip to Detroit, and then to Greenville. I know that Paul is thankful for the opportunity he has had to witness God's work in that part of His vineyard.