Transitions - mine and hers

Marla Fields on February 12, 2020

How much have I defined myself by my role as a missionary in Paraguay?  My challenge now is to focus on character instead of roles. Roles often change - no longer a missionary to a foreign field. But character traits carryover. Character must increase - that missionary to a foreign field role must decrease. "He must increase;  I must decrease." I am opening myself to be searched by God during this transition, so that I might grow through it, finish well, and ultimately hear the One who truly knows me say, "Well done."

Coming to an end of a life chapter is something like dying. Yet I do not mourn as one who has no hope. But we do mourn, yet with hope. Life continues even with death. Even when something good waits for you on the other side, the good doesn't negate the element of grief.

Paul left to attend our friend's funeral today.  Jean, his wife, is mourning, yet with hope. Life continues for her even with the death of her husband. She knows Leland is experiencing life with her Savior. But that good doesn't negate her grief. We are praying for Jean during this time of grieving. .