To the USA and on to Kenya


After 4 1/2 years we were finally on our way to the USA to our daughter Shellie and Arnaldo's house.  Paul celebrated his July 4th birthday with our family that has grown to include ten grandchildren.  What a joy!



We saw most of the animals at the Ark rather than on a game drive, with the exception of this magnificent Cape buffalo. 


We all enjoyed a one-night trip to the Ark in the Abedare where we enjoyed great food and made new friends with the wonderful staff.  


David Fields or "Papa" as he is known by his American and African families is over 91 years of age.

For over a year it was our desire to visit Papa in Kenya but we were unable to leave Paraguay until our house sold.

By September 2018 Marla and I were able to spend ten days with Papa. 

Our hearts warmed with his words of welcome and thankfulness to God for our visit.


An eight hour lay-over in Amsterdam allowed us to see some of the city from the water.  It was great to arrive back safely in the USA on September 11th and move into our house in Taylors, near Greenville, SC.

Papa in Church cu

On December 23 it was a blessing to hear of 14 people baptized at the Antioch Baptist Church of Karatina.  Praise the Lord!